I am a qualified conservator and master bookbinder from Berlin, Germany. The focus of my work lies in the field of systematical care for historical collections in libraries, museums and archives.

As a freelance conservator for books, graphics & archivals I work in diverse areas of preservation, conservation as well as restoration.


Restoration – When archivals such as books, graphics and manuscripts are damaged, professional treatment can sustain their usability and original functionality. Original materials and traces of ageing are being preserved according to the nature of each object.

Conservation – Collections in archives, libraries and museums as well as private collections should regularly be examined by a restorer in order to detect damages early on and prevent the loss of original substance. Systematic conservation consists of conception and realisation of preservation and prevention measures for collection items.

Exhibition Setup – As representative objects and evidence of historical events, documents are common components of exhibition concepts. In order to realise a successful exhibition, borrower and lender have to deal with the state of preservation of valuable exhibits as well as conditions of transportation and presentation. I provide professional assistance for the lending process.

Individual Measures – From the daily interaction with cultural assets from various epochs I gained varied experience regarding look, production and condition of archivals and books. This experience helps, whenever the handling of collection objects requires individual measures.

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Cornelia Hanke

Paper Restoration & Conservation, Berlin

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Cornelia Hanke | Restorator/Conservator, Berlin, Germany

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